Green Granite not your best choice

Ah the luck of the Irish.

We sing about it, talk about and we celebrate it.  The Irish are a proud people, they come from strong stock with a fine heritage to be thankful for.  They are people of strong traditions. When I mention the color green, people cannot help but think of the Irish.  When it comes to headstones we are privileged to have numerous options.  We at North Country Memorials from time to time have the privilege of serving an Irishmen. They sometimes choose the Celtic Cross or they have it engraved on their Memorial.  Most often when asked what color they would like to have gravestone we are asked can we supply a green granite.  We answer is yes and no.  Can we get you a green, truly green headstone? Of course. Do we recommend it? We do not.  Heres why, everything under the sun will breakdown, fade, lighten up or darken.  Green granite over the course of a few short years will turn brown.  Below is a Green Granite that lasted just a few  short years as a green colored memorial.A picture is worth a thousand words as they say.  What we have learned over the past 23 years of being in the monument business is that colors fade when placed outside.  Most the fade is so slow you do not notice it.  Some headstones carry close to the orginal look for close to one hundred years.  So as much as we like green, while it is nice we just don’t recommend you use it outside.


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